spongebob SquarePants  Plankton's Eye View: A story set ten years after The Movie which focuses on Plankton's journey to self-redemption and reconciliation with an old friend      Halo  Halo: Halos in Space: From squirrelking the mind behind Half-Life: Full Life Consequences Joe Chief (not to be confused with Master Chief) rescues army guys from alien attack in space lands on a planet and fights the. Contrast with Dead Fic Orphaned Series Cut Short Left Hanging Stillborn Serial Animated Film     the Silmarillion  Involuntary Admission To Face.      Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles  Shatterheart: Kurogane reaches out to the despised Real!Syaoran and destinies are changed   ap    dapper_Don      The Legend of Korra  Book 5: Legends: A Continuation Fic in which Korra has to fight against an enemy unlike.     ouran High School Host Club  Awkward Silence has a total of 60 chapters before concluding     princess Tutu  This Pendent Heart: A continuation from the ending of.     slayers  Slayers Trilogy. Post a Comment BLOG_CMT_createIframe(' ' '0');

    star Trek Voyager  A Fire of Devotion: A four-part epic tells how the final four seasons of Voyager might have gone had Seven of Nine and Ensign Samantha Wildman become a couple     Supergirl  Survivors      Super Smash Bros  Flinch: Samus/Zelda A trilogy of oneshots where the two share a toxic relationship and Sheik is Zelda's Enemy Within      Hey Arnold  Oh Rhonda      Family Guy  Attack Of The 100 Foot Meg Griffin: Exactly What It Says on the Tin The Spellbook: Meg becomes a witch after getting a spellbook for her 18th birthday A Fan Fic that the author completed Completed Fics are few and far between amongst Dead Fics Many fan stories are serial The fan author posts the first chapter then the next chapter before the whole story is complete The readers must wait for updates When the author posts the final part of the story the fic is complete and readers can enjoy the story from beginning.

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    splatoon  First Aid Kits and Deep Secrets: While on a mission Agent 3 accidentally causes an Octoling to fall onto spikes She brings the dying Octoling home in hopes of saving her